Did the Illuminati kill Whitney Houston?

UPDATE: Mongrelcitizen guest blogger Vanilo Quinzet has released an ebook on the Illuminati.

Was Whitney Houston killed by the Illuminati? This question has been asked by a few people who have posted YouTube videos on the subject, and they are getting hundreds of thousands of hits on their videos. The suggestion they make is that the Illuminati sacrificed Whitney Houston in a ritual to save the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

I don’t deny that Whitney Houston may have been murdered, or even that the people who killed her may have been in a secret conspiracy. Anything is possible. What I am interested in here is the allegation that it was “the Illuminati” who did this.

Who exactly are “the Illuminati” anyway? A Google search will show you that the Illuminati are members of a secret society that apparently has been around for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. The term “Illuminati” is often seen in two contexts. The first, narrow context is that of a secret society called the Bavarian Illuminati that operated in Germany in the 1700s, under the leadership of a university professor named Adam Weishaupt. This man wrote a number of books which are still in print.

The second, wider context is that of a school of thought which stretches back in time to Ancient Greece and continues on to the present day. The Bavarian Illuminati reflected this school of thought, but when their group was forcibly disbanded by the Bavarian prince, the philosophy survived and continued to express itself in other places and people. The Illuminati are alleged to have influenced the French Revolution, and to have inspired some of the key players in the American Revolution. Why would a group of people historically tied to democratic, anti-authoritarian movements want to kill Whitney Houston?

There are a number of books available via amazon.com written by a modern-day Illuminatus, who takes the pen name of “Adam Weishaupt”. I find these books quite interesting. In one of his books, Hypersex (ASIN B004BZFLVW), the author says this:

“The conspiracy, the real conspiracy, is the one staring you in the face every day of your lives. How did the rich get so rich? How do they stay so rich? How do they ensure that generation after generation stays rich? How do they make sure their friends, families, relatives and cronies get to dine at the Top Table? How do they dominate the media? How do they control the law, politics, the police, the military, the intelligence services, Hollywood?”

And he also says this: “The conspiracy of the elite is indeed terrifying, but not in the sense that anyone is trying to kill you, poison you or put you in a camp. You ought to be terrified of living in a world that has turned you into a second-class citizen in a two-tier society. And that’s exactly where you are RIGHT NOW. So what are you going to do about it? – start reading more absurd tales about how fluoride is being used to kill you, or start getting more serious about campaigning to rid the world of the Power Elite?”

Change the reference from “fluoride” to “the death of Whitney Houston”, and you have updated this statement to describe today’s situation.

According to pseudo “Adam Weishaupt”, the real Illuminati are hated by religious leaders and governments because they are free thinkers. The Illuminati are egalitarian and meritocratic, so they are hated by autocratic governments that pretend to be democratic but really want to control people. The real Illuminati promote the perfectibility of human beings, so they are hated by religious elites that want people to believe they are “sinners” who need religious dictators to lead them to salvation, while controlling their minds. And, because they are despised by the elites, the Illuminati are slandered. False rumours abound about the Illuminati. The Illuminati are scapegoats. They are being blamed for the things that the real conspirators are doing.

Do a search of the web. About 95% of the material out there about the Illuminati is negative. The Illuminati are blamed for almost every bad thing that happens, including the death of Whitney Houston. Yes, there is a conspiracy, says “Adam Weishaupt”, but it’s not what you think.


If you are interested in the Illuminati/Whitney Houston videos, here is a link to one of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpzszvzAILo

If you are interested in learning more about the historical Illuminati, here is a link to a Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminati

If you are interested in the books by “Adam Weishaupt” on the modern Illuminati, Illuminati history, and the corruption and violence of the “Old World Order”, do a search of amazon.com – the ebooks have similar cover designs to the picture illustrating this blog post.

You are most welcome to read my other blog posts on this site.


2 thoughts on “Did the Illuminati kill Whitney Houston?

  1. dude u are falling apart like a cheap umbrella – that last post really kinda sux — u gotta get outta the “gaol” cell more, bro!!

    • Hi Babe Magnet. Thanks for reading the post. I’m sorry you don’t like the subject, but we will have to agree to disagree on this one. I think the anti-Illuminati phenomenon is interesting. Go to Twitter and do a search for #Illuminati and you will see how many folks are upset at “the Illuminati”. On YouTube you have more of this material. Why? Because people are dumb and want to believe false conspiracy theories? Or because some people out there are deflecting attention away from what they are doing and getting the crowd to blame the wrong people?

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